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Monroe County Departments / Offices

Animal Control
Animal Control, a division of the Sheriff's Office, enforces state and local dog licensing law, administers provisions for addressing and adoption of stray, abandoned dogs and cats and investigates animal abuse complaints within the County of Monroe.

Board of Commissioners
The Board of Commissioners is the legislative body of Monroe County and performs a number of specific administrative duties such as determining the amount of funds to be levied in the form of Property Taxes for operation of county government, review and adoption of the budget, establishing policies for operation, maintenance and control of county buildings and other property, operation of departments which are subject to the Board's managing control and performance of other statutory ministerial duties.

Central Dispatch
Central Dispatch is the sole Public Safety Answering Point, for Monroe County.   Central Dispatch serves as the key communications link to our citizens, our visitors and our public safety, providing an effective method of accessing emergency services through professional and courteous public safety communication and dispatch services. 

The County Clerk is general recorder of various county records, such as births, deaths, marriages, business and professional registration and Circuit Court records.  The department also handles the processing of applications for passports and citizenship.  The Clerk is also the administrator over the Register of Deeds Office which records official documents affecting ownership such as warranty and quit claim deeds, plats, chattel mortgages and land contracts.

Commission on Aging
The Commission on Aging Office helps to provide services to the senior population in Monroe County. This office serves as a funding source for programs such as delivered meals, personal care, respite, recreation, chore, homemaking and prescription services.

Community Corrections
The purpose of  Monroe County Community Corrections is to provide community based sanctions and alternatives aimed at reducing prison overcrowding and improving jail utilization.  Public Act 511 provides funds for community and jail based programs  These programs provide a wide range of sanctions and services. Our target population(s) are non-violent felony and misdemeanor offenders.  The screening process for program referrals includes criminal history, medical and substance abuse history,  jail status, education and employment history and ties to the community.

Drain Commissioner
The Drain Commissioner is responsible for administration of the County Drain laws. His major duties include processing petitions for reviewing need for construction of new drains, laying out drainage districts and apportioning cost of the drain among property holders, maintaining records of all county drains and preparing drain tax rolls

Emergency Management Department
The Emergency Management Department is responsible for the administration, planning operations, and if necessary directs the execution of emergency disaster plans.

Employment & Training
The Michigan Works! Monroe County Employment and Training Department (MCETD) administers the Workforce Investment Act 1998.  MCETD also receives state funding for the operation of Welfare Reform programs.   Monroe County Employment and Training Department Monroe Service Center offers services such as career counseling, classroom training, on-the-job training and career trax.  As the operator of Monroe County's Michigan Works! One Stop Service Center, we also work to meet the personnel needs of area employers at no cost.

Environmental Health
Environmental Health is a division of the Monroe County Health Department which provides the citizens of Monroe County quality service and protection of the environment through the oversight of sewage, drinking water, food service and various recreational programs. Additional programs administered by the Division include West Nile Virus surveillance, radiological monitoring, child day care and foster home inspections and manufactured housing inspections. Services the Division provides for residents include a state certified water testing lab and free home Radon testing kits. The Solid Waste Coordinator's office is located in the Environmental Health Division. For information on specific Solid Waste programs click on  Solid Waste Management.

The Equalization Department studies sales and performs appraisals throughout the county.  This is done to measure the difference between the assessments of the previous year and their current true cash value.  The department equalizes local assessments countywide and supplies those numbers to the State Tax Commission.  They in turn equalize our county values to determine the State Equalized Values in all of Monroe County.  The assessment process throughout the State of Michigan is a three tiered system, which main purpose is to ensure an equitable level of assessment throughout the state and locally.

Under the direction of the County Board of Social Services and State Department of Social Services, this department administers the program for providing general relief for indigent persons, and hospital and medical care for persons who are unable to provide it for themselves.

The Finance Department operates under the authority of the Administrator/Chief Financial Officer and the Board of Commissioners and is responsible for managing the Financial Resources of the County.  The key programs which bring about effective financial management are budgeting, accounting and financial reporting.  The Finance Department is responsible for the development of  revenue and spending plans as well as the payment of all obligations of the County.

Human Resources
Human Resources is responsible for administrative work in planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating the personnel activities of the County.  The work involves the development of a broad program of personnel planning, reporting, control, and service.

Information Technology
Information Technology works with the county computer systems.  This department is responsible for the hardware and software maintenance.  They assist other departments with their information processing hardware needs. Printing Services falls under the direction of the It Department.

MSU Extension
The Cooperative Extension Service is the Educational Service Arm of Michigan State University providing educational programs in the areas of Natural Resources-Public Policy, Home Economics, 4-H Youth, and Agriculture.  These programs are made available to Monroe County residents through financing by the Monroe County Board of Commissioners, the State of Michigan and the federal government.

The Historical Commission operates and maintains the Historical Museum and other County Historical Buildings.  This activity records revenues (grants, fees, and donations) and expenses required to operate this function.

Parks & Recreation
Monroe County has five county parks under the jurisdiction of the Park Commission.  The county parks are intended to serve the entire county, and the parks (except West County Park) have restrooms, parking areas, play equipment, and picnic shelters.  Monroe County Parks provide valuable open space and help to protect the Community's environmental resources.  Our parks provide a wide variety of benefits including contributions for the mental and physical health of our residents along with places for exercise, physical activities and recreational sports.

In addition to the activities that are mandated by ordinance or statute, the Planning Department performs a wide range of services and activities, including research, coordination, support, management, and programming in relation to County government.  In particular, many requests for administrative assistance from the County Board of Commissioners and the County Administrator are fulfilled, including grant preparation, economic development activities, special studies, and graphic services.

Prosecuting Attorney
The Prosecuting Attorney is the Chief Law Enforcement Official in the County. The Office reviews complaints submitted by all local law enforcement agencies and prosecutes violations of our criminal laws, traffic offenses and juvenile deliquency offenses. The Prosecuting Attorney serves as Chairman of the Concealed Weapon Licensing Board and represents the State of Michigan in mental health cases and the Department of Human Services in parental child abuse and neglect cases. The Office also represents the State of Michigan in appellate matters before the Michigan Court of Appeals and Michigan Supreme Court.

Public Health
The Health Department makes a diagnosis of County and Community Public Health problems and initiates, coordinates and directs measures for their solution and prevention.  This includes the enforcement of Federal, State, and local Health laws, regulations, and ordinances: provisions of nursing service with special emphasis on the control of contagious disease, including tuberculosis and venereal disease; prenatal, postpartum, infant and children with special needs or chronic conditions; and provision of health service to public and parochial schools, including hearing and vision testing organization for control of disease.

This department is responsible for the procurement of all items used by the county.

The Sheriff is the Chief Executive Officer charged with Law Enforcement and preservation of peace within the County.  He is the County Officer of the Circuit Court, and must serve all processes, and warrants and oversee the proper return thereof.  Various duties of his office are road patrol, enforces traffic laws, criminal investigations of all violations that fall within jurisdiction of the Sheriff, concealed weapons hearings, gun registration, purchase permits and inspection, responsible for the jail and well being of all its inmates.

Primary functions of this office are to receive, maintain custody of and disburse all County monies, including funds received by local units of government from the State of Michigan and to collect delinquent property taxes.

Veterans AffairsThe duties of the Monroe County Veterans Bureau is to assist veterans and/or their families in establishing eligibility for and receiving various benefits available through federal, state and local legislation.  Benefits include compensation or pension payments, burial benefits, medical care, education, DIC or pension payments for widows or children of veterans, life insurance claims, etc. 

Youth Center
The Monroe County Youth Center is a 25,000 square foot facility opened in 1977 and operated by the 38th Judicial Circuit Court, Family Division to detain and treat youthful offenders that are apprehended in Monroe County.  The total capacity of the Center is forty-five (45) beds; eighteen (18) beds for secure Detention and twenty-seven (27) beds for Residential-Treatment. All floor space is used solely for youths and staff that serve the youths.

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