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KY A color picture postcard view of the monument at Memorial Place dedicated to the American dead from the Battles of the River Raisin, South Monroe Street, Monroe.

 Note:  In addition to those named below, an estimated 300 dead or missing have not been accounted for.

Staff of General Winchester: Surgeons: Thomas McIlvain
Captains:          John Woolfolk

17th U. S. Infantry Surgeon:  Alexander Montgomery
Capts.         Robert Edwards, James Meade
Lts.:             Robert Logan, Thomas Graves, Thomas Overton
Ensigns:     Philip Sharer, Levi Wells
Privates:     Braxton Blake, John Gardner, William Redding, Thomas Wells, Henry Downey, Beverly Blake, Robert Reed

19th U. S. Infantry Regiment None known.

1st Kentucky Volunteer Militia Regiment Ensign:  Joseph Bowles.
Privates:    Thomas Ward, Cyrus Short, Thomas Crow, John Vincent,

5th Kentucky Volunteer Militia Regiment Majors: Benjamin Franklin Graves
Captains:    Nathaniel G. S. Hart, James Price
Sergeant:    John Snydor
Privates:     James Blythe, Alexander Crawford, William Davis, Samuel Elder, Thomas Fant, Thomas King, Peter Mesmer, James Reiley, George Shindlebower, Stephen Smith, Armstrong Stewart, Allen Darnell, Daniel Darnell, William Frame, John McDonald, Alfred Chinn, Luke Fields, Ezekiel Suddeth (former Lt.)

1st Kentucky Volunteer Rifle Regiment
Lieut. Col.: John Allen
Surgeon:       Thomas Davis
Captains:      John Simpson, Paschal Hickman, Virgil McCracken, John Edmiston. 
Lieutenants:  John Williamson
Sergeants:    Thomas Benson, David Quinn, John Nailor, George McClary
Corporals:     Richard Chism
Drummer:     Jesse Cock
Privates:       Moses Morgan, Joseph Simpson, Robert Harrison, Jesse Humble,    Arnold Berrisford, James Biscoe, Isaac Boone, Philip Clark, John   Cox, Simon Kenton, John Lane, Lapsley McBride, Francis Mayhall,   Joshua Moore, James Parker, John Phillips, Joseph Pitts,   Meriweather Poindexter, William Prewitt, Alexander Robertson,   George Robinson, Samuel Smith, John Smith, William Stevens, John   Tate, Samuel Throckmorton, James Wilson, Moses Morgan, (MIA's:   Joseph Becket, William Butler, Abraham Byrd, William Crawford,   Thomas Ellis, Andrew Hamilton, William Johnston, John   McCormick, william McDowell, William Shingleton, William   Thomas.)

Captain William Garrard's Volunteer Light Dragoons Privates: Stephen Bedford, John Boswell, Beverly Brown

Militia & Residents of the River Raisin Captain:  Jean-Baptiste Couture
Residents: Henri Shovin, Rene LeBeau, Jean-Baptiste Soleau

Clift, G. Glenn, Remember the Raisin, Frankfort: Kentucky Historical Society, 1961.

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