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The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office offers two services that accept Credit/Debit card for family and friends wishing to deposit money into an inmate’s commissary account.  The inmate’s full name and perm number are required for a transaction deposit.  Please follow the directions within the website for input of the required codes.

 Government Payment Services: 1-888-277-2535. www.govpaynow.com  

(1) Inmate's Name, Resident Booking # (Inmate's Perm Number) and Facility Code:   MI and (D92 - Monroe County Jail)

(2) Pay Location Code # is 5500

The Pay Location Code (PLC) # is a unique number that ensures your payment is sent to the correct government agency and department.

The deposit reaches the Inmate’s commissary account within 15 minutes.

 Go to the Website: www.govpaynow.com



 State:             Michigan 

 Facility:         D92 - Monroe County

 Booking Number:         


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