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Building Healthy Communities

Monroe County Building Healthy Communities Coalition

In 2015, the Monroe County Building Healthy Communities Coalition and its members conducted a comprehensive Community Health Assessment project. 

The project had two goals:

  • Identify the health needs of our community
  • Develop a Health Improvement plan based on the results of the Assessment

The assessment provided a snap shot of the challenges that Monroe County residents face regarding their ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a result of the Community Health Assessment, a Community Health Improvement Plan was developed.

The Assessment identified four areas of improvement for Monroe County resident’s health and well-being:

  1. Decrease adult and youth obesity
  2. Increase mental health services among adult and youth
  3. Decrease substance abuse among adults and youth
  4. Increase safe driving among adults and youth

The Monroe County Building Healthy Communities Coalition meets quarterly to report on progress made toward goals of the Community Health Improvement Plan.  To review the progress report, see the link below.

The Coalition will meet again March 3, June 5, Oct. 2 and Dec. 4, 2017 10:00AM at the Monroe County Health Department, 2353 South Custer Road, Monroe.  For information regarding upcoming meetings and the Health Improvement Plan please contact Jamie Dean at Jamie_dean@monroemi.org or 734-240-7810.

Community Health Progress Report (CHPR)

Community Health Assessment Plan (CHAP)

Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

Healthy School Recognition Program

This school year, all Monroe County schools will have the opportunity to be recognized and earn certification for their efforts that encourage healthy practices which improve the well being of the students, staff and the overall school wellness environment. 


To print and submit your application via fax or email, please use this link:
2017 Healthy School Application - Due March 1, 2017

To complete the application form on-line please use this link:
2017 Healthy School Application - Due March 1, 2017

2017 Healthy School Pledge Due December 15, 2016

In 2016, 28 Monroe County Schools have received designation as an Official Monroe County Healthy School by the Monroe County Building Healthy Communities Coalition.

Congratulations to the following schools for taking charge of the health of their students and increasing positive health behaviors and outcomes! 

Golden Apple Schools— Custer Elementary, Dundee Elementary & Middle School, Ida Elementary, Middle & High  School, Manor Elementary, Meadow Montessori School, Monroe Road Elementary, North Elementary School, Ritter Elementary School, St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School, St. Patrick Catholic School, Sodt Elementary School, Sterling Elementary, Summerfield Elementary, Junior & Senior High Schools and Waterloo Elementary School 

Silver Apple Schools—Arborwood North Elementary, Monroe County Youth Center, St. Joseph Catholic School (Erie), Triumph Academy

Bronze Apple Schools—Jackman Road Elementary, Raisinville Elementary, Mason Central Elementary School,  St. John the Baptist Elementary, St. Mary Middle School Campus, St. Michael the Archangel Early Elementary School  

Special Recognition is also given to both Ida and Summerfield School Districts for having all buildings in their district receive award designation. 

All schools were presented with a banner and an award certificate at the Earth Day Expo on April 25th at the MBT Expo Center.

This program was developed by the Building Healthy Communities Coalition to address the current health and obesity issues facing our youth. Childhood obesity has doubled, and adolescent obesity has quadrupled in the last 30 years. This increase leads to serious health consequences including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and joint problems. In addition, research has proven that students that engage in regular physical activity and have a healthy diet have increased test scores, improved behavior and decreased absenteeism.

For a list of healthy resources available to schools in Monroe County, click here.

All schools that meet the minimum requirement will receive a banner, decal and certificate to display at your school.  All participating schools will be publicly recognized.  Special recognition will be given to school districts where all buildings achieve certification!

Be Active in Monroe County Map

Monroe County is home to a wealth of locations for you to run, walk, bike, hike or play.  The Monroe County Building Healthy Communities Coalition encourages you to use this map as a resource to help you increase your physical activity level.  Even as little as 30 minutes a day of physical activity can reduce the risk for diabetes, heart disease or stroke, help maintain weight and boost your mood.  Take charge of your health and get active today! 

For more information regarding the efforts of the Monroe County Building Healthy Communities Coalition or to receive notice of upcoming meetings, please contact Jamie Dean at 734-240-7810 or Jamie_dean@monroemi.org.