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Tire Recycling Program Available

Monroe, MI, April 19, 2017 – The Monroe County Recycling & Green Community Program and Monroe County Drain Commission are Offering Tire Recycling Opportunities.          

Monroe County residents will have 4 opportunities in 2017 to recycle unwanted passenger vehicle tires through the tire recycling program offered by the Monroe County Recycling & Green Community Program and the Monroe County Drain Commission. The collections will be held the last Wednesday of each month from April through July at the Monroe County Drain Commission Office, 1005 South Raisinville Road, Monroe. Available dates for 2017 include: April 26, May 31, June 28, July 26. The site will be open each day from 9AM – 12PM or until the trailer is full. These dates and hours are the only times that tires can be left at the site. Tires will not be accepted at any other time; and leaving tires after hours is illegal dumping, which is considered to be a punishable offense.

Participants are allowed to bring up to 20 tires per vehicle and collected tires will be recycled at no charge. All tires must be clean and off the rim. Only passenger vehicle or light truck tires will be accepted. This program is for Monroe County residents only. Tires from commercial sources will not be accepted. Residents who have large tires to recycle can call the Environmental Health Office at (734) 240-7900 for recycling information.

Proper disposal of tires is essential for the health and safety of you and the environment. Piles of scrap tires are a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other pests and are also a serious fire hazard. Tires collected at the event will be recycled into materials for new use such as playground and landscape applications, rubberized asphalt road projects, in-fill material for synthetic athletic fields and rubber chips for septic fields and other engineered projects. Residents are encouraged to dispose of old tires when purchasing new tires at the retailer. More than 5,000 tires were collected for recycling at last year’s events.

“The tire recycling program is a great resource for our community. By providing residents a free and easy way to properly dispose of old tires, this program helps address illegal dumping in our county drains and ditches which can create mosquito breeding zones, a serious public health concern,” said Monroe County Drain Commissioner David Thompson and Kim Comerzan, Monroe County Health Officer/ Director, in a joint statement.

This program is funded by a grant from the Scrap Tire Cleanup Project through the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the County of Monroe.

For more information on the Recycling and Green Community Programs please contact:

Dan Rock

 (734) 240-7909 or Dan_Rock@monroemi.org