County Jail Reimbursement Program

The County Jail Reimbursement Program (CJRP) began in January 1989 with Public Act 324 of 1988, for the purpose of reimbursing counties for housing felons in local jails who otherwise would have been sentenced to prison. A new public act has been enacted every year since then to authorize the continued reimbursement for felons meeting the program requirements. Public Act 352 of 2014 is the most recent legislation to provide the per diem amount and the criteria for which the county may seek reimbursement for a felon.

The 38th Circuit Court Adult Probation staff sends Monroe County Community Corrections monthly Basic Information Report (BIR) imports which contain offender sentencing information. Community Corrections uses this to provide a comprehensive report on a monthly basis to assist Sheriff Department staff in identifying and billing for CJRP-eligible offenders.

Offenders who meet the eligibility criteria are submitted to the Office of Community Corrections for reimbursement at a rate of $35, $50, or $60 per day, depending on the offender's status, for up to 365 days.