Hope, Healing & Recovery Program For Women

Program Overview

This female-specific program is conducted in the Monroe County Jail Facility and includes lectures, groups, individuals, and homework. The program embraces Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). A DBT assessment and ACES (Adverse Childhood Experience Screening) are completed with each participant along with individual sessions, reviewing Mindfulness, Trauma, and Emotional Regulations.

A final individual session takes place to review the overall progress made and to discuss an aftercare discharge plan. The program is 6 weeks long, meets 3 days a week, and focuses on healthy relationships, boundaries, assertiveness training, self-esteem, trauma, anger, distress tolerance skills, mindfulness, emotional regulations, and interpersonal effectiveness.

Upon successful completion, most of the offenders are eligible for a maximum 30-day incarceration reduction from their sentencing judge.

Eligibility Criteria

Participants must:

  • Score moderate to high in the overall risk scales or moderate to high in a minimum of 2 needs scales, including criminal thinking, criminal personality, criminal involvement and/or substance abuse.
  • Be psychologically and physically able to participate in the program