Severe Weather

Severe Weather Preparedness Month

September 2016

Monroe County residents should prepare for emergencies and disasters by making an emergency communications plan with their loved ones during Michigan's Preparedness Month.

Throughout September, the Monroe County preparedness partners are joining federal, state and local governments-as well as private and public organizations-in supporting emergency preparedness initiatives and encouraging residents to take action to prepare. Agencies nationwide are uniting under the banner "Don't Wait. Communicate. Make Your Emergency Plan Today." to encourage everyone to create a family communications plan.

"Preparing an emergency communications plan may seem like a big job-and many people don't know where to begin," said Mark A. Hammond, Director of Monroe County Emergency Management Division. "It doesn't have to be a chore. You can start by creating an up-to-date plan that outlines who to call, what to bring and where to go, and then sharing that plan with your family and friends."

Residents are also encouraged to know the hazards that affect their communities and build an emergency supply kit. Businesses are encouraged to prepare for emergencies and disasters by establishing an emergency preparedness program.

All households should be self-reliant for at least three days by building an emergency preparedness kit supplied with food, water and medications. During an emergency or disaster, critical services-such as electricity, water service or access to grocery stores-can be impacted and response for police, fire and rescue personnel could be significantly delayed.

The Monroe County Board of Commissioners declared September Emergency Preparedness Month throughout our County.