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Health Department Overview

Public Health works to prevent and mitigate disease and disability in the pMonroe County Health Departmentopulation. When public health works correctly, you will not even notice its existence. Clean drinking water, safe food, and control of disease are public health objectives that are always at work. Public health is always preparing for what might come next while also improving our health in the present. Reduction of tobacco use, safety belt use, and promotion of healthy lifestyles are some of the current public health initiatives.

Health Department Services:

Clinic Services

  • Family planning
  • HIV testing
  • Immunizations
  • Sexually transmitted disease testing, counseling, and treatment
  • Additional services including blood pressure checks, tuberculosis (TB) testing, pregnancy testing, scabies checks, and lice checks

Appointments are needed for all clinic services.

Environmental Health Services:

  • Food service inspection
  • Water quality management
  • Community health and safety
  • Sewage management
  • Solid waste management

Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Services

  • Live Well. Be Well. community health education programs
  • Living with Diabetes support group
  • CPR classes
  • Car seat checks

Registration required for CPR classes and car seat checks.

Maternal & Child Health Services

  • Breastfeeding support
  • Children's Special Health Care Services (CSHCS)
  • Helping Baby Grow
  • Maternal Infant Health Program (MIHP)
  • MI Child/Healthy Kids enrollment
  • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

Appointments are needed for all maternal and child health programs.

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