Park Rules

Most people use our parks thoughtfully, but there are always those few who lack the understanding, the willingness, or the appreciation to protect those treasures and to leave them for others to enjoy. These rules and regulations have been established for the benefit of that large majority of people who appreciate the parks owned and operated by Monroe County.

Rules & Regulations

  • No Pets will be allowed to run free in the parks. All pets must be on a 6 foot or less leash at all times.
  • Horseback riding on designated bridle paths only. Horses must be handled responsibly.
  • No fishing or hunting allowed except where clearly designated.
  • No camping except by "special permit". Fires allowed only in fireplace, receptacles or open space approved and designated for such purposes.
  • Motor vehicles must be responsibly driven. No "do-nuts" or ATV's allowed. Bicycles must be ridden to the far right of the roadways. Any vehicle left in the park overnight, except in accordance with "special permit" will be towed at the owner's expense.
  • No livestock permitted except by "special permit".
  • No weapons or fireworks shall be allowed in the parks except by "special permit". This rule shall not apply to any duly appointed park ranger or law enforcement officer.
  • Skateboards, roller-skates, sleds, skis and other recreational mediums may be utilized in designated areas only.

Any person violating any provision of the foregoing rules shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not more than $100 and costs of prosecution, or imprisoned in the County jail for a period of not exceeding 90 days or both, for each offense.

Pursuant to Act 261 of the Public Acts of the State of Michigan of 1965, as amended, the Monroe County Parks and Recreation Commission herewith promulgates and publishes the following rules for use, protection, regulation and control of all of its services, facilities and park, recreation, conservation, education, historic, and scenic areas and preserves parkways

Special Use Permits

Any group or gathering may apply for a permit to use designated areas of the parks exclusively. Special Use Permit Applications (PDF) for permits will be obtained at the Monroe County Finance Department or the Monroe County Parks and Recreation Commission. In the event more applications for permits are received than space available, applications will be considered in the chronological order received


Monroe County Parks will be closed between sunset and 8 am. No person will be allowed on designated park land without a "special permit" during these hours.