Family & Household Preparedness

How to Prepare Your Family for Disasters

Disaster preparation may seem overwhelming, but don't worry - the experts have prepared excellent advice to get you started on protecting your family. It can also seem scary to think about potential disasters, however, experts have found that planning can actually help reduce anxiety. Planning now can help reduce the impact of any disaster that might come.

The experts recommend that you keep a disaster kit with supplies for three days, develop a plan of action, and practice it with your family two times a year.

The following will help you put together your kit and make a disaster plan:

If you or a member of your family have a disability, here are some more tips:

If you have children, get them involved in preparedness with these resources:

For special advice on protecting your finances in the event of a disaster, read:

Don't forget your pets! The following will help you prepare a special kit and plan for the non-human members of your family: