School Programs

Time Travellers Program - Field Trip Transportation Fund for Monroe County

To encourage engagement between Monroe County’s students and our community history, the Monroe County Museum System offers the Time Travellers Program, which provides field trip transportation funds for a visit to the Monroe County Museum, River Raisin Territorial Park, or Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Museum. Limited funds are awarded only to charter, private, and public schools located in Monroe County, Michigan that use in-house or hired transportation services. Funds may not be applied to personal vehicle use, or any admission or program fees.

Download a fillable application form (PDF). For questions or help with submitting your application materials, please call 734-240-7783.

Opportunities at Monroe County Museum and the Territorial Park

We have great educational opportunities for your class at the Monroe County Museum and the Territorial Park on the River Raisin.

We cover a variety of historical topics for students to learn about, including Native American lifeways, the early French Canadians, Fur Trade, and the War of 1812. Our programs are aligned with Michigan's Curriculum Standards, and several include hands-on activities. Visit one site or all; we adapt our schedule to yours to give students a positive, interesting experience at a professional museum - and not far from home! Call today for information, or to schedule a tour or presentation.

There are several ways schools can utilize our resources, all of which are free to Monroe County Educators:

  • Physical Field Trips to the Museum and Territorial Park
  • Virtual Field Trips to the Museum
  • "Museum to You" (staff-led programs in your classroom)
  • Classroom Kits

Classroom Kits for Educators

Each kit contains a teacher manual for suggested kit usage.

Museum staff will be happy to deliver a kit to you; call 734-240-7786 to reserve a kit today.

Our kits include:

  • Primary Elementary Native American
  • Woodland Native American
  • Early French Settlers
  • Fur Trade
  • War of 1812
  • The Toledo War
  • Underground Railroad
  • Civil War Soldier
  • Battle of the Little Big Horn
  • Grandmother’s Trunk
  • Early Kitchen
  • One-Room School
  • Textile and Spinning
  • Monroe Architecture
  • Monroe County Maps