Goals and Objectives

  • To continue to utilize the recommendations and guidelines set forth by the Michigan Supreme Court and the State Court Administrative Office as legislative mandates are established.
  • To train its employees as efficiently and economically when new legislation is introduced, amended, or mandated.
  • To strive forward in implementing technology into its operations as it becomes feasible and applicable such as expanding court services via an e-government environment.
  • To continue to maintain a high level of competent service to the citizens it serves.
  • To continue expanding programs for diverting qualified defendants to reduce Monroe County Jail population, including mental health cases, and expanding into other problem-solving court areas.

1st District Court will achieve these goals and objectives by maintaining a unified message within the Monroe County concurrent jurisdiction plan with well-defined administrative roles and responsibilities and open communication among the judges and management teams. These achievements will be measured by the responsible operation of its annual budgets, by continuing to promote quality in performance, and by maintaining the expected levels of court services provided within its judicial region in the State of Michigan.