Please refer to sanitary code section 503.08 where it states that unsuitable soils are not the only criteria in consideration:

"Except that the presence of soils containing a high proportion of silt and/or clay shall not be the sole determinant for rejecting an application for construction of an onsite sewage disposal system. If the application for construction is for a single or two family dwelling or a nonresidential structure with projected effluent flows less than 1000 gallons per day; (*) and If the size of the parcel has enough width and depth to provide the area for the onsite sewage disposal system and a replacement area of equal size, then;

  1. The applicant shall submit and acceptable plan drawn to scale prepared by a Professional Engineer licensed by the State of Michigan or a Registered Sanitarian in the State of Michigan, or a Registered Environmental Health Specialist as a specified by the National Environmental Health Association for review and approval by the Monroe County Health Department/
  2. The onsite sewage disposal plans shall indicate sufficient are for all the planned structures, onsite water supply, and the areas designated for onsite wastewater disposal.

Prior to issuance of an onsite sewage disposal permit issued under the following exceptions, the applicant shall record with the Monroe County Register of Deeds the current affidavit disposal systems. The affidavit shall become null and void when the single or two family habitable building or non residential structure has been legally connected to an approved public wastewater disposal system.

(*) The criteria for determining whether a permit for an onsite sewage disposal system shall be issued for a residential dwelling in a platted subdivision shall be that which is state in Act 288 of the Public Acts of 1967, as amended, commonly referred to the Land Division Act.

Residential Permit Process for Unsuitable Soils

Step 1: A site assessment must be performed by the Monroe County Health Department Environmental Health Division (EHD).

If Unsuitable Soils:

  • Provide this office with 2 sets of engineered plans for your on-site wastewater disposal system prepared by a licensed engineer or registered sanitarian, along with a plan review fee.
  • This office will review the plans.
  • If plans are approved, a letter indicating plan approval stipulations will be sent to the property owner.
  • The property owner may then proceed with applying and paying for the on-site wastewater and water well or alternative water supply permits.
  • Prior to issuance of permits by EHD an affidavit to construct an engineered on-site wastewater disposal system shall be signed and notarized by all persons on the deed and recorded at the Register of Deeds office at:
    51 S Macomb Street
    Monroe, MI 48161
    Phone: 734-240-7390.
  • A copy of the recorded affidavit must be returned to the Environmental Health Division before permits are issued.
  • This office will not release any permits or approved plans until the recorded affidavit has been received by the Environmental Health Division.