Onsite Water Supply

Ground water resources are one of Monroe County's most valuable natural resources. A large percentage of Monroe County residents acquire their potable drinking water from beneath the surface of the ground. Aquifers are geological formations beneath the surface of the ground that can produce water. Drilled water wells are used to extract the groundwater for use. Aquifer protection from biological and chemical contamination is critical. Once an aquifer is contaminated, clean up is extremely costly and difficult and often impossible. Key aspects of groundwater protection include properly constructed wells and sewage disposal systems. Aquifer protection is not often considered a part of the installation of municipal water systems. However, improperly abandoned wells that result from these connections are conduits for contamination directly into the aquifer. Properly plugging these unused wells will greatly increase the safety of this valuable natural resource.

As of April 1, 2001, the Monroe County Sanitary Code (PDF) provides provisions for on-site water supplies for new construction and replacement wells.

Request for Variance Form

This Request for Variance Form (PDF) is used for replacement wells if a deviation from the requirements of the Monroe County Sanitary Code or the State Water Well Construction Code (Part 127, Act 368, P.A. 1978, as amended)