Hauled Water System

The Monroe County Health Department receives proposal from property owners who wish to use a hauled water system to provide potable water for single-family dwellings. These systems include a storage tank that is filled with water from a source located off the premises. Water from this tank is then pumped into a pressure tank and into the home's distribution system. The reasons to have a hauled water system at a home include: the groundwater supply could be contaminated, it has poor aesthetic quality or is of insufficient quantity.

There are a number of potential problems with a hauled water system. To address those concerns the Monroe County Health Department reviews and approves plans for hauled water systems prior to issuing a permit. The Division also conducts an inspection of the system after it has been installed.


Please see our Forms, Documents, and Fees page, Onsite Water Supply section for instructions on how to submit plans for a Hauled Water System.

PDF forms may be filled out online, printed and brought to the Environmental Health Office.