Recreational Waters

Monroe County Health Department Environmental Health Division staff are active in monitoring the recreational public waters of the county. Pools at public complexes (such as apartments and hotels) and the public bathing beaches of Lake Erie have water sampling performed on them on a weekly basis during open periods of the year.

The Lake Erie bathing beaches are sampled by Environmental Health staff on Tuesdays between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Please see the bathing beaches page for sample results, direct body contact guidelines and information on Harmful Algal Blooms.

Streams and creeks, connected to county and private drain systems, have carried the heavy burden of draining the landscape to allow us to develop the land that predominately was a low-lying marsh landscape. The rivers shuttle vast amounts of water from the inland landscape and form an entire river "water shed." The River Raisin Watershed encompasses over 100 square miles. Rivers are community resources because contamination or unhealthy alteration above stream can dramatically alter the waterside experience of those downstream.

The 'times' are changing in Monroe County; we are placing new demands on the Lake and Stream ecosystems and increasing the expectation that resources are cared for and healthy. In turn, helping us to maintain healthy drinking water, safe swimming, angling and boating opportunities.

The Monroe County Health Department, Environmental Health Division provides the service of water testing and monitoring in beach areas and selected points along the river.

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