Battery, CFL & LED Recycling

You can recycle your CFL (the spiral ones), LED bulbs and batteries at several locations around the county.

Monroe County CFL, LED & Battery Recycling Locations

  • Baker's Ace Hardware - 905 N Dixie Highway, Monroe (batteries and bulbs)
  • Banas Lumber and Hardware - 8771 Ida Maybee Road (batteries and bulbs)
  • Bedford Township Hall - 8100 Jackman Road, Temperance (In the green electronics bin - batteries only)
  • Dundee Ace Hardware - 545 E Monroe Street, Dundee (batteries and bulbs)
  • Dundee Kroger Store - 571 E Monroe Street Dundee (batteries only)
  • Lambertville Do it Best Hardware - 8100 Secor Road, Lambertville (bulbs only)
  • Monroe County Health Department - 2353 S Custer Road, Monroe (batteries and bulbs)
  • Saint Pierre Ace Hardware - 1490 Stewart Road, Monroe (batteries and bulbs)

Importance of Battery Recycling

3 billion batteries go to landfills in the U.S. every year - 47 batteries per household on average, and each one contains toxic metals like mercury, cadmium, lithium, and lead which can seep through the soil and contaminate groundwater. These heavy metals and corrosive chemicals that can be dangerous to the environment, and health of the public, if not disposed of properly. Half of the mercury, 65% of the lead and 75% of the cadmium, in residential trash is from discarded batteries. Rechargeables can last up to 7 years, meaning each one could replace 200 single-use batteries easily. Please recycle your single-use batteries and consider using rechargeable moving forward.

Dos & Don'ts at the Drop-off Locations

Please observe the following dos and don'ts at the drop-off locations:

  • Clear tape required on all lithium and lithium-ion batteries, lead acid batteries, all electronic batteries if the casing is cracked or it has exposed terminals, all batteries over 9 volts
  • Do bag button batteries.
  • Don't place batteries outside the collection receptacle.
  • Do make sure the battery is discharged (has no power left).
  • Don't disassemble batteries before placing in a receptacle.

Broken CFL Bulb

View instructions for cleaning up a broken CFL.