Our Water

Our Water. Our Future. Ours to Protect.

The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) has developed a public education program focused on keeping our water clean entitled, "Our water. Our Future. Ours to Protect". The goal is to provide southeast Michigan residents with simple actions they can take to protect the water resources we all rely on.

In Michigan, over 3 million people depend on our lakes and streams for their drinking water. In southeast Michigan there are over 300,000 registered boaters and over 3.5 million people visit a local park each year.

We all count on our lakes and streams and we need to be careful how we treat our water. What you do at your home affects our water. You may not see the stream or lake from your house, but it is there. Small streams, ditches and even storm drains in the street lead directly to our lakes and streams.

The SEMCOG educational program has identified seven simple steps you can take to protect Michigan's water.