Body Art

Body Art, Body Piercing & Intradermal Cosmetics

The State of Michigan has created and enacted Public Act 375 to protect the health of all people seeking body art within the State of Michigan by requiring that an individual shall not tattoo, brand, or perform body piercing on another individual unless it occurs in a licensed body art facility. The Act was created to ensure services are provided in a safe and sanitary manner by individuals with documented education and training. The Monroe County Environmental Health Division conducts the facility inspections and approves plans, following review, for new facilities.

To meet the requirements put in place by Public Act 375, the Environmental Health Division has compiled a 60-question examination. Any person seeking certification as a tattoo artist and/or operator/technician at a tattoo facility must take and pass this test with a score of at least 80%. We have created license applications that must be renewed yearly, inspection reports and license certificates.

Visit the State of Michigan website for more information.