Minor Guardianships

Minor Guardianship

A minor guardianship may be an appropriate solution when a child's parent (or parents) will be temporarily absent from his or her life and unable to provide care. This could be due to any number of circumstances ranging from death to long-term hospitalization, incarceration, or disappearance.

Becoming a guardian is a legal process that permits the guardian to provide for the care, custody and supervision, including facilitating education, proper health care and overall welfare of the minor(s) by order of the court.

Types of Guardianships

1. Full guardianship

      A full guardianship grants broad responsibility for the care and custody of a minor.

2.  Limited guardianship

      Limited guardianship is a court-sanctioned arrangement between the minor's parents and the prospective guardian. A limited guardianship requires voluntary parental consent. The arrangement also requires both the parent(s) and the appointed guardian(s) to agree to a limited guardianship plan. 


Filing Information

If you are interested in filing a petition for guardianship, click here for instructions and Frequently Asked Questions regarding minor guardianships.