School Resource Officers

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is fortunate to have great working relationships with each of the school districts in Monroe County. The Sheriff’s Office partners with seven school districts in Monroe County to provide school resource officers (SRO). Each school district pays 67% of the cost of the deputy while the County of Monroe pays the remaining 33%. The primary goal of the SROs is to mentor and build relationships with the students and staff. As noted in the title “resource” the deputies are to be a resource to the students and staff while ensuring a safe and secure environment. In addition to their police duties, the SROs provide security for most sporting events and teach D.A.R.E. in their respective school districts. The calls for service handled by the deputies in each school district will be noted under their respective schools.

  1. Hammond IMG_1463

    Joseph Hammond

    Sergeant / Youth Services Commander

  1. Stahl

    Michael Stahl

    SRO Monroe High School (Deputy)

  1. Benes  IMG_0963

    Brandon Benes

    SRO Whiteford HS (Deputy)

  1. Depew IMG_1309

    Mike Depew

    SRO Airport HS (Deputy)

  1. E Lestock

    Jeremy Lestock

    SRO Bedford Schools (Deputy)

  1. Canfield

    Steven Canfield

    SRO Summerfield HS (Deputy)

  1. Venier  IMG_1028

    Julianne Venier

    SRO Airport Middle School (Deputy)

  1. Bill Rollins

    SRO Erie Mason Schools (Deputy)

  1. Harvey IMG_1022

    Austin Harvey

    SRO Jefferson HS (Deputy)

  1. Bills  IMG_0969

    John Bills

    SRO Bedford Schools (Deputy)

  1. James Liedel

    D.A.R.E. Deputy