prison rape elimination act (PREA):

PREA Act Information

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (“PREA”) is a federal law that prohibits sexual misconduct in correctional settings such as prisons, jails, lockups, juvenile facilities, and ICE detention facilities.

Sexual misconduct under this law includes:
• Offender-on-offender sexual assault and abuse;
• Staff-on-offender sexual misconduct (sexual/inappropriate relationships with inmates);
• Offender-on-offender and staff-on-offender sexual harassment.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for staff and inmates. MCSO has zero tolerance for sexual misconduct of any kind and will impose discipline for such misconduct, up to and including dismissal for staff and serious infractions for inmates who victimize other inmates. Incidents of sexual misconduct will also be referred to law enforcement when applicable. MCSO’s policies regarding sexual misconduct apply to all inmates, both local and ICE detainees. They also apply to employees, contractors, and volunteers.

How do I Report Sexual Misconduct?


If you have information regarding an MCSO inmate or an ICE detainee who has been the victim of sexual misconduct while under MCSO custody, please call 734-240-8008

  • You don’t have to give your name; your contact phone number and address is optional. But it is important that you provide as many details as possible. This includes the name(s) and locations of the person(s) involved.
  • The name(s) or description of any witnesses to the incident.
  • If available and known the MCSO inmate number.
  • A brief description of the incident(s).
  • A brief description of where the event(s) occurred.
  • The date(s), time, and place of occurrence(s).
  • Names and contact information of others who might have additional information about the incident.