Name Change

Instructions for Legal Name Change of a person 22 years of Age or Older


FILING FEE - $175 ($182.25 if paying with a credit card)

PUBLISHING FEE - $72.00 (Paid to the Monroe Evening News)

NEW BIRTH CERTIFICATE FEE - $50.00 (Payable to the State of Michigan)

This procedure applies to any person filing a Petition to Change Name who is age of 22 years or older at the time of filing the petition in Monroe County:

Complete the Petition to Change Name form (Form PC 51).

At the time of filing, the individual whose name is to be changed MUST have been a resident of Michigan and Monroe County for at least one year prior to filing.

The form should include any changes in first, middle, and last names that are requested.

Make sure that all information is legible and truthful. A false statement that is intentionally included on a name change petition constitutes perjury under Section 422 of the Michigan Penal Code (1931 PA 328, MCL 750.422).

The name change cannot be requested for any fraudulent purpose.

Sign the document.

Keep at least one (1) copy of your completed petition.

2. To request that the State Registrar create a new birth certificate, check box #9.

If you were born in Michigan, the forms to change the birth certificate are available at the County Clerk’s Office after the hearing.

If you were born in another state, check with that state for acceptable documentation to create a new birth certificate.

3. If you are married and are requesting a name change not only for yourself, but also a spouse, he or she must sign the petition under Consent by Spouse or Petitioner in front of a notary. This can be done at the Monroe County Clerk's Office.

4. File the petition with the Monroe County Clerk’s Office with the appropriate filing fee.

Payment can be by cash, check or money order or by credit card (service fees apply.)

There is an additional and required fee for publishing notice of the name change in the newspaper.

All legal name changes MUST be published in the Monroe Evening News, except by court order under strict exceptions set forth by law, such as when publication would place the petitioner or another individual in physical danger (MCL 7.113).

All fees are non-refundable.

5. Obtain a fingerprinting application card (RI-8) from your local police agency.

Take the copy of your completed petition with you.

Fill out section D through F on the back of the card.

In section E, check the box next to "Other." Type or print "Name Change" in the space provided.

Check "FBI and State" under the Search Requirement section.

In Section F, fill in that the response be sent to: Monroe County Clerk's Office | 106 E. First St. | Monroe MI 48161 | Attn: Name Change