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Downtown Development Authority
Link: Downtown Development Authority Website
Thinking of a business in downtown Monroe? The Monroe Downtown Development Authority has a variety of programs to assist new businesses.
Government Grants
Link: Government Grants Website
The Federal Government maintains a website and it is your source to find and apply for federal grants.
James R. Hill Reference Library
Link: James R. Hill Reference Library Website
The James R. Hill Reference Library is an online library offering information on starting and growing a business.
Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)
Link: Michigan Economic Development Corporation Website
The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) offers one-stop business assistance. Our business development managers work with consultants, utilities, associations, and local economic development agencies to best match businesses’ needs with Michigan’s opportunities.
Michigan Minority Business Development Center (MMBDC)
Link: Michigan Minority Business Development Center Website
The mission of the MMBDC is to provide meaningful access to its corporate members to enhance procurement opportunities. MMBDV is a privately funded, non-profit, corporate services organization. It is comprised of major corporations and public entities in education, industry, finance, professional services, construction, consumer products and health care organizations. Through certification of minority-owned businesses, MMBDC assures the corporate buyer that a business is truly minority-owned, operated and controlled.
Monroe County Business Development Corporation (BDC)
Link: Monroe County Business Development Corporation Website

Monroe County Business Development Corporation is a non-profit organization that's purpose is to assist in business attraction and the retention and expansion of existing businesses. The BDC can assist businesses with property searches; act as an ombudsperson, and assists manufacturing companies securing local and state incentives for their projects. The BDC also operates through the Michigan Small Business and Technology Development Centers (MISBTDC), to provide business consulting, research and training to new and existing small businesses in Monroe County.

Monroe County Chamber of Commerce
Link: Monroe County Chamber of Commerce
This business membership organization focuses on providing value for its members, enhancing the business climate in the Monroe County area and advocating for public policy that supports economic growth and vitality. They provide their members with countless networking opportunities, they fight to protect the interest of business in Lansing and Washington D.C. and they help business join together to form a better community.
Monroe County Clerk
Link: Monroe County Clerk Department Page

The county clerk’s office maintains records for the County of Monroe. As part of that responsibility, they maintain a listing of all businesses registered with their office. If you would like to register your business name, see our Business Names page.

Monroe County Link
Link: Monroe County Link Website
Monroe County Streamlining Guide
Link: Monroe County Streamlining Guide (PDF)
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