What happens after a claim is filed?

Your application will be reviewed by Commission staff for completeness. An incomplete form will be returned to you with a list of the information or additional paperwork that are needed. Your claim is assigned a claim number. The Commission will notify the Prosecuting Attorney that a claim for compensation is pending. A claim specialist will conduct an investigation to verify the validity of the claim and the extent of any compensable loss. The claimant may be requested to provide documentation if the Commission is otherwise unable to verify the claim.

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1. What is the Crime Victim Compensation Fund?
2. What compensation may be awarded?
3. What losses are not covered?
4. Where does the money come from?
5. Am I a "crime victim"?
6. Does the Crime Victim Compensation Fund only apply to "assault" victims?
7. What conditions apply to the Crime Victim Compensation Fund?
8. How do I file a claim?
9. What do I send?
10. When do I file a claim?
11. Do I need an attorney to file a claim?
12. Is my claim limited because I also have insurance?
13. What happens after a claim is filed?
14. How long does it take for my claim to be reviewed?
15. If my claim is denied, can I appeal?
16. Is my application confidential?