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Friend of the Court

Friend of the Court

Friend of the Court Child Support

Are you trying to Start a new case?

If you are trying to start a divorce case, you may seek a private attorney or file a summons and complaint with the Monroe County Clerk’s Office.

If you are trying to start a case to set child support, you may seek a private attorney, contact the Department of Human Services, or file an Application for services with the Monroe County Friend of the Court.

Do you have an established court order for child support? 

Under Michigan Law (MCL 552.517), each case is eligible to have child support reviewed every 36 months.  To have the child support reviewed, put your request in writing to the Friend of the Court.

If the child support has been changed in the last 36 months, you can file a Motion to Change Child Support with the Friend of theCourt. 


Understanding Child Support Payment Distribution Pamphlet (pdf)

Supreme Court Child Support Formula Manual

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