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Hospice and Palliative Care

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What is hospice?

Hospice care provides reasonable and necessary medical and support services to individuals with a terminal illness. It focuses on treating the symptoms of a disease rather than the disease itself, while attempting to help the care recipient maintain the highest possible quality of life possible during his or her final months.

Hospice programs far outnumber palliative care programs. Generally, once enrolled through a referral from the primary care physician, a patient’s hospice care program, which is overseen by a team of hospice professionals, is administered in the home. Hospice often relies upon the family caregiver, as well as a visiting hospice nurse. While hospice can provide round-the-clock care in a nursing home, a specially equipped hospice facility, or, on occasion, in a hospital, this is not the norm. 

People who choose hospice are not “giving up.” Hospice neither hastens death, nor prolongs life. When a person’s terminal illness is not responding to curative treatment, hospice care is a choice that addresses all the symptoms of a disease with a special emphasis on controlling pain and discomfort. Hospice allows the patient and family to focus on the emotional and spiritual aspects of care, so that medical concerns do not dominate the entire focus of dying. Information by: Jack D. Gordon

What is palliative care?

Much like hospice care, palliative care programs focus on keeping terminally ill patients comfortable, while helping patients, family members, and caregivers cope with the dying process. 

Palliative care teams are made up of doctors, nurses, and other professional medical caregivers, often at the facility where a patient will first receive treatment. These individuals will administer or oversee most of the ongoing comfort-care patients receive. While palliative care can be administered in the home, it is most common to receive palliative care in an institution such as a hospital, extended care facility, or nursing home that is associated with a palliative care team. Information by Dr. Diane Meier 

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Arbor Hospice
provides qualityservice and compassionate care to the terminally ill and their families enabling individuals to complete their lives with dignity, in comfort and at peace. Everyone has the right to spend his or her final months free of physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. 1-888-992-CARE (2273)

Heartland Home Health Care and Hospice provides care wherever you call home: in your house, a skilled nursing center, an assisted living facility or independent living facility. Our caregivers help create individualized care plans, set personal goals, and manage pain and symptoms. Every patient is different with different challenges, different needs, different family, and friends. 734-973-1145.

Hospice of Michigan is the largest hospice provider in Michigan, we offer comfort and peace for patients and their loved ones. Hospice of Michigan accepts everyone who needs and seeks our services regardless of your ability to pay, and we are always willing to work with our patients and families to insure there is open access to our program. For more information, please call 1-800-247-5701.

Hospice of Northwest Ohio provides specialized medical, emotional, and spiritual care to people of all ages and their families living with any end-stage illness in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. Equally important, we also provide support and education to their families and caregivers.  Because of generous contributions from the community, no patient is ever turned away because of an inability to pay. For those who have no insurance or limited financial resources, fees are based on patients' incomes and ability to pay. For more information, please call 734-568-6801.

Mercy Memorial Hospice of Monroe is a special kind of care designed not to only support people faced with the challenges of a terminal illness, but also support those who are sharing in the journey. Hospice seeks to improve the quality of a patient’s last months of life by offering comfort, dignity and ultimately living their remaining time to the fullest surrounded by family, friends and a professional health care team. For more information, please call 734-240-8940.

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