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Aging & Adult Services Agency (AASA) resource guide, "A Guide to Services for Older Adults", which is aimed at helping Michigan residents quickly find what local agency they can call to learn more about services for older adults and family caregivers.

ConsumerDangers.com is dedicated to keeping the public informed about consumer dangers and safety issues associated with numerous products that can cause the public harm. Our website is continually updated with breaking news from Government agencies, Watchdog Groups, and concerned citizens about Recalls & Safety affecting consumers. Our team at consumerdangers.com strives to provide a comprehensive free resource for the public to learn more about every day products that can potentially cause harm. If you would like to get in touch with our team we can be reached at info@consumerdangers.com

DrugCenter is a national resource built to inform people on the dangerous side effects related to some of the prescription drugs they might be taking.

Elder Abuse
Whether it is physical abuse, financial exploitation, emotional abuse, neglect, or self-neglect, the symptoms and treatment of elder abuse are complex. It is often characterized by life-threatening actions inflicted upon vulnerable adults.

Elder abuse is also about the theft of resources that leads to the financial and emotional devastation of persons who have no ability to recoup their losses. In creases in the population of people aged 60 and older, means the problem of elder abuse will only increase.

The Michigan Office of Services to the Aging has been actively involved in elder abuse prevention efforts for decades, learning that the key to ending abuse is prevention, and the key to prevention is education and early intervention.

The Office of Services to the Aging is committed to working with aging network, social service, domestic violence prevention, business community, regulatory and criminal justice professionals to improve elder abuse prevention, identification, investigation, prosecution, and victim assistance efforts.

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No_Excuse_for_Elder_Abuse     TOOLKIT
5 Things that Anyone Can Do 
to Prevent Elder Abuse
Click here for more information... 
The Nursing Home Abuse Center was founded in 2014 to shed light on a dark and horrifying happening in our culture — the abuse of our seniors.

Many seniors move to elder care and nursing home facilities expecting to be treated with dignity and respect, only to find mistreatment in a variety of forms.

Our team, made up of healthcare professionals and advocacy communicators, was disgusted by this growing trend. Our purpose is to create the top online resource for exposing senior abuse. 

There are many senior abuse websites affiliated with law firms, unfortunately. We are not affiliated with any law firm or lawyer, nor do we refer our visitors to legal firms. We will also not link to law firms. 

If you or a loved one have experienced any form of nursing home or elder abuse, please click here to visit our site for resources or contact us at 1-888-935-4546 and we will connect you with all proper national/state authorities.

Senior Isolation: America's Quietest Health Risk Senior isolation is one of the biggest threats to the health of America’s seniors, while it remains among the most difficult to recognize. It’s a health risk not often discussed, but at least a quarter of seniors over 65 live with it. And its devastating effects can be felt physically, mentally and emotionally.

Medical Malpractice Center
Medical malpractice is professional negligence by a healthcare provider in which the treatment provided falls below the proper standard of practice in the healthcare community. In these cases, this neglect causes injury or death to the patient. In addition, Defective Drugs and Medical Devices make up a high percentage of malpractice reports. For more information, please call 888-511-6753 or click here to visit their website. 

Nursing Home Abuse ~ “Know that Legal Help is Available”

Abuse of elderly residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities can be physical, emotional, and financial. Families may be faced with the tough choice of choosing a nursing home to care for an aging loved one. Along with the cost, families must also deal with the dark reality of nursing home abuse.

Drugwatch.com has valuable information on nursing home abuse.

Business.com “How to Make Money in Retirement: A Guide to Turning a Hobby into a Side Business,” is a fantastic resource for retirees not wanting to lose their entrepreneurial spirit. It includes information on which hobbies can become profitable, how to determine if a hobby will make a successful business, ideas for financing, how a side business will affect your taxes and more.

Benefits of Sleep - The Impact of Sleep on the Body Guide This guide will look to address all aspects of sleep; from how the body will suffer without it, to working out how to develop a sleep pattern that’s perfect for your lifestyle. Let’s explore the wonders of sleep in further detail. 

Exercise & Physical Activity

Your Everyday Guide from the National Institute on Aging! The National Institute on Aging (NIA) is part of the National Institutes of Health, and the goal of our research is to improve the health and well-being of older adults.

Like most people, you’ve probably heard that physical activity, including exercise, is good for you. If you’re already active, keep it up. It may even be time to push yourself a little harder, try a new activity, or find new ways to add exercise to your daily life.

Don’t worry if you’ve never exercised, or if you stopped exercising for some reason. Let us help you get moving. By picking up this book and looking through it, you’ve taken an important first step toward good health. For more information visit their website or call 1-800-222-2225.

Financial Exploitation Guide

Money Smart for Older Adults is a useful resource guide to help to prevent, identify and respond to financial exploitation, plan for a secure financial future, and make informed financial decisions.

Guide to Senior Services in Monroe County

The Social Services Committee, a subcommittee of the Blueprint for Aging Services in Monroe County, established these goals:  

  • Older adults in Monroe County will have available and accessible support services so that their social and emotional needs are met and overall well-being is enhanced. 
  • In order to accomplish these goals, the sub-committee determined that there were services available but there was a need to increase the marketing to the older adult population. 
  • Additionally, it became evident that there was a need to advocate for resources to provide for the increasing demands of the senior population in the area of financial, legal, and medical assistance as well as the area of bill paying and other personal business affairs. 
  • One of the products of this committee is this publication a guide to senior services in Monroe County and commonly known as the “Senior Source.” This publication seeks to make known some of the services available to seniors and those whose lives will be affected by seniors.
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You Gave, Now Save: A Guide to Benefits Programs for Seniors

Millions of low-income seniors continue to miss out on benefits that can help them pay for their health care, prescriptions, food, utilities, and more. This guide is designed to help them and their caregivers learn about benefit programs that are available to assist them to meet their costs of daily living that include the following categories.  
  • Resources
  • Prescription Assistance
  • Health Assistance
  • Heating and Cooling Assistance
  • Food Assistance
  • Housing
  • Income and Legal Support
  • Transportation Resources Special Populations

Click Here for A Guide to Benefits Programs for Seniors

Caregiver Technology Solutions

The AAA 1-B Advisory Council Ad Hoc Study Committee on Caregiving Technology examined the unmet needs of family caregivers, and assessed the extent to which there are technologies available to address these areas of need. They concluded that there are an incredible number of existing and emerging technologies to address caregiving concerns, and that most are relatively unknown to caregivers.  This research resulted in the publication of the Caregiver Technology Solutions booklet, which features 47 different technologies targeted to caregivers.

Best Walk-in Bathtubs

Retirement Living Information Center provides tips for making a wise walk-in bathtub purchase, examine the best companies in the industry and answer frequently asked questions. 

Elderly Care: A Guide for Families New to Caring if you are newly responsible for finding elderly care for a family member or friend, it can be difficult to know where to start. This actionable starter guide aims to provide you with an overview of elderly care, from what is available to the more practical financial and legal issues.
MAPCON Technologies
A Senior's Guide to Using Computers and Software

Computers are part of nearly everyone's life now. People use them to talk to friends and family, research information, be entertained, and more. They're incredibly convenient and take the hassle out of countless tasks that used to be difficult and time-consuming. Click here for a list of common computer topics and resources to help you learn. 

Mesothelioma Guide rovides patients and their loved ones with resources, answers, and information over a wide spectrum of free assistance options.
TreatMesothelioma.org mission is to become the #1 outlet for mesothelioma victims and gain the reputation to one day obtain sponsors to help fund new clinical trials so that one day we could find a cure for this asbestos-related cancer.

TreatMesothelioma.org is a website designed to offer guidance to mesothelioma victims while inspiring a community of hope to launch a wild-fire of awareness and an urgency to capitalize on the future opportunity to find a cure. Mesothelioma Treatment Community. Together, we are stronger.

Mesothelioma Hub ~ Veterans At first, asbestos was used with the best of intentions: to protect men and women serving our country. However, asbestos wasn’t restricted until the mid to late 1970s — long after scientists and researchers discovered the material was toxic to humans. The U.S. military used asbestos products for more than 40 years. If you’re a veteran and were exposed to this toxic dust, you may be entitled to federal benefits. Find out how to apply.
Cerebral Palsy Group foundation provides free educational information and support to those who have been affected by cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities. For more information, please call 774-325-0083.

Gerebral Palsy Guidance ~
A Helping Hand On Your Journey ~ We provide vital guidance and assistance to parents of a child with cerebral palsy.

Our goal is to reach as many members of the cerebral palsy community as possible, building up a network of support, as well as providing necessary assistance.

We cover cerebral palsy from all angles–from symptoms, causes, and treatment, to daily living information, such as communication and transitioning to adulthood articles.

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