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Emergency Management

Emergency Management


As part of the Monroe County Hazard Mitigation plan development in 2014, the following hazards had initially been identified by Monroe County as having the potential to occur within at least some locations under its jurisdiction:


1. Severe Winter Weather, Extreme cold, wind, snow, blizzards, and/or ice storms.           High

2. Tornado / Severe Thunderstorms                                                                                     High

3. Flood / Flash Flood                                                                                                           High

4. Hazardous Materials Incident                                                                                           High

5. Aircraft Accident                                                                                                                High

6. Fermi II Nuclear Power Plant                                                                                            High / Medium

7. Terrorism                                                                                                                           High / Medium

8. Miscellaneous Hazards                                                                                                     Medium

9. Resources Shortage                                                                                                          Medium

10. Utilities Disruption                                                                                                            Medium

11. Earthquake                                                                                                                       Medium

12. Gas Line Rupture                                                                                                             Medium/Low

13. Civil Disturbance                                                                                                              Medium/Low

14. War / Enemy Attack                                                                                                         Low

15. Dam-Levee Failure                                                                                                          Low

 Information about these hazards, used for emergency planning, was collected by the county and reassessed for inclusion in planning documents. Supplemental research was performed by staff from the Michigan State Police, Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division as well as Monroe County Emergency Management Division. Adjustments are made regularly to the estimated probability of each hazard, to reflect new information that is obtained. Certain hazards listed above were split into multiple, more detailed hazard listings, while others were changed to better match the information available in other sources. It was considered more appropriate to classify the Fermi II Nuclear Power Plant and other major industry as a community asset to be protected.