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Return to Work/School

Breastfeeding Works When You Work!

Planning ahead for your return to work can help ease the transition. Learn as much as you can before the baby's birth, and talk with your employer about your options. Planning ahead can help you continue to enjoy breastfeeding your baby long after your maternity leave is over.  

While at work, most mom's will need to pump about as many as times they would feed baby while at home. Most mom's start by pumping once every 3 hours they are separated from the baby.  As the baby gets older, the number of times you need to pump may decrease.

Pumping can take about 10 to 15 minutes once you are used to using your breast pump. Sometimes it may take longer. Many women use their regular breaks and lunch break to pump. Some women come to work early or stay late to make up the time needed to pump.

Try to pump and save as much breast milk as possible in the weeks ahead of returning to your job. It will take some time at first, but gradually as you express milk with a pump, the amount will increase.

Any time that you are home with your baby, breastfeed as much as possible. Weekend nursing and days off are vital times to build your supply and to reconnect with your child. Frequent nursing keeps your breastfeeding relationship strong and will protect your milk supply. It often is stressful those first days away from baby, but be good to your self and EAT, SLEEP, and REST whenever possible!

Return to Work BF Patient Handout (pdf)

Please check our Legislation page for additional information about breastfeeding support in the workplace and your legal rights.