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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Coordinate with Community

Have you coordinated your plan with the broader community plan and your local emergency management personnel?

It may be helpful to know the name and contact information of your local public health officials, emergency management office, local police, and other relevant authorities. In addition, you should know which radio and television stations are used by officials to announce emergency information or procedures. You should also be familiar with signals for tornadoes and other severe weather conditions, as well as evacuation for a radiological emergency. You may want to designate someone to track the current homeland security threat level.

Here is some Monroe County contact information for you as you are designing your plans. Please do not call these numbers during an emergency, instead call Central Dispatch at (734) 243-7070.

Is your plan compatible with other plans in the community? Does your plan rely on someone who may be stuck at work during an emergency and unable to play his or her assigned role? Do all key personnel have family plans that take into account childcare and work issues? Make sure that your plan is truly practical.