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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Health Professionals

Reportable Diseases for Clinicians and Laboratorians

  • One of the most likely ways that a bioterror incident may be discovered is through a increase in the number of people with a particular illness or a single instance of a rare disease. Thus, routine disease reporting is crucial to our bioterrorism planning and response.
  • Physicians and labs are required by law to report to their local health department the occurrence of any of a list of diseases; failure to report is a gross misdemeanor. Call the Monroe County Health Department Communicable Disease Office at (734) 240-7832 or fax them at (734) 240-7906.
Communicable Disease Reporting - Michigan Department of Health and Human Services  (MDHHS)

Michigan Health Alert Network (MIHAN)

  • An electronic communication system has been established in Michigan to facilitate communication between public health officials, hospitals, physicians, and other health professionals about health emergencies.
Michigan Health Alert Network -  Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS)

Physicians and Doctor's Offices


  • The Monroe County Health Department and the Monroe Pharmacists Association are working together on a plan to distribute medication during a major health emergency. For more information, please call (734) 240-7874.


  • A number of animal diseases and conditions are also legally reportable.
  • Because many threats to human health are zoonotic diseases, the Monroe County Health Department would like to include veterinarians in its planning activities. If you are interested in participating in emergency preparedness planning, please call (734) 240-7874.
Reportable Animal Diseases in Michigan - Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development