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Environmental Health

Environmental Health

Battery Recycling

Batteries contain heavy metals and corrosive chemicals that can be dangerous to the environment, and health of the public, if not disposed of properly. Half of the mercury, 65% of the lead and 75% of the cadmium, in residential trash is from discarded batteries.  While each battery has only a small amount of these compounds, as a community we discard nearly 1.5 million batteries every year.  Unfortunately, the things we commonly do to dispose of residential solid waste does not keep these materials from affecting the environment.  Home trash burning puts pollutants in the air immediately.  Even landfills, the most common destination of solid waste in Monroe County, could possibly leak pollutants into the water table over time.  Monroe County consumers can do their part by choosing better disposal options for batteries.

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Please observe the following DOs and DON'Ts at the drop-off locations.

  • Do not leave batteries over 12 volts.
  • Do bag button batteries.
  • Do tape across the positive (+) and negative (–) contacts or place batteries in a plastic bag if the electrical contacts are on the same side (as a common 9V battery).
  • Don't place batteries outside the collection receptacle.
  • Do make sure the battery is discharged (has no power left).
  • Don't disassemble batteries before placing in a receptacle.
  • Don't include cracked or leaking batteries.

Drop-Off Locations for Household Batteries:

Kroger Stores:
571 E. Monroe St. Dundee, MI
3462 W. Sterns Rd. Lambertville, MI

Also at the following locations:


Monroe County Health Department  
2353 S. Custer Road, Monroe

(734) 240-7900

 Baker Ace Hardware  (734) 241-8959
 905 N. Dixie Hwy., Monroe   
 Dundee Ace Hardware (734) 529-5023
 545 E. Monroe St., Dundee   
 St. Pierre Ace Hardware (734) 243-6180
 1490 Stewart Rd., Monroe