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Environmental Health

Food Safety

The Monroe County Health Department Environmental Health Division routinely inspects licensed food service establishments in Monroe County.  The purpose for these inspections are to minimize the risk of food borne illness outbreaks and to work together with the owners of restaurants to ensure that safe food handling practices are being followed by the establishments.  During a routine inspection of a food service establishment, the sanitarian assesses compliance with the Michigan Food Law of 2000, as amended and the Michigan Modified FDA Food Code of 2009. 

This assessment is done by observing food handling practices, as well as features of the establishment.  Verification of proper hand washing, proper glove and utensil use, proper cold and hot holding temperatures, proper cooking temperatures, proper rapid cooling procedures and temperatures, proper managerial knowledge, and general assessment of the establishment are just the beginning of what we do on a daily basis.  Together, with management of food service establishments, we identify potential issues in the food trail that may cause food borne illness and correct those issues through education and training. 

Any establishment that serves food to the general public must be licensed pursuant to the Michigan Food Law of 2000, as amended.  This includes, but is not limited to: restaurants, churches, temporary events, seasonal establishments, vending machines (offering potentially hazardous food), concession stands, special transitory food units, and private facilities.  Food that is offered for sale, for donation, or for free, to the public requires strict adherence to the Michigan Food Law of 2000, as amended, and the Michigan Modified FDA Food Code of 2009.  Currently, there are over 450 licensed food service establishments in Monroe County.  

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Questions from the public:

1.  How do I find out information on a particular facility?

The Environmental Health Division (EHD) does not routinely supply inspection records to the public.  However as a public institution this information is available through the legal provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.  The FOIA Form  is available on-line.  You must be very specific as to the information requested.  There is a fee for copying and faxing the information.  You are best served by filling out the form on-line, printing and calling (734) 240-7900, to find more information in regard to your inquiry.  You may then mail in payment along with completed  FOIA form to receive your records, or visit the EHD office.

2.  My club/group is having a food serviced gathering open to the public, how do I get a temporary food license? 

Either visit the Temporary Food site or start by printing out the Application for Temporary Food Services from the State of Michigan website.  Call EHD for payment submittal requirements and return to the Environmental Health Div. 2353 South Custer Rd., Monroe MI  48161.