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Environmental Health

Yard Waste

Prior to the 1995 law banning yard clippings from Michigan's landfills and incinerators, leaves and grass comprised over 30% of all household and solid waste generated.  Not only is that a lot of landfill space being filled by a clean resource, but yard clippings in landfills may contribute to methane gas and leachate production which, in turn, pollute the air and local water supplies.  The moisture in yard waste causes it to burn poorly in incinerators, raising pollution levels and operating costs.  Yard clippings are defined as leaves, grass clippings, vegetable or other garden debris, shrubbery, or other brush or tree trimmings less than 4 feet in length and 2 inches in diameter, that can be converted to compost humus.

For more information on composting link to the State of Michigan Composting Brochure

Many waste haulers provide yard waste pickup for an additional fee.  You may also contact the following businesses to drop off compostable materials at a cost:

Jack's Lawn Service 15500 Garden Stone Drive (Located on Dunbar Road between Telegraph and South Dixie), Monroe, MI 48161 Phone: (734) 243-3382

Daily Recycling 200 Matlin Road (Located off of Grafton Road), Carleton, MI 48117 Phone: (734) 654-9800

Action Disposal 2510 West Temperance Road (Located at the Corner of Douglas and Temperance), Temperance, MI 48182 Phone: (734) 847-7163  

Please contact the providers listed above via phone prior to taking compostable materials to their sites.  There are times of the year that materials are accepted and this may change at any time.  Additionally, the drop off location may change.