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2020-2021 School Year HeaderSchools play an essential role in reporting communicable diseases in the community. According to the State of Michigan Public Health Code (Public Act 368, of 1978 as amended), the local Health Department shall be notified of the occurrence of reportable communicable diseases. If you forget your login information or you need access to the system, send an e-mail to cdreporting@monroemi.org. If you have an immediate need to speak to someone, please contact Robin Opfermann, RN at 734-240-7832.


Rep Sem Docs
Presentation Slides:

For up-to-date immunization-related documents mentioned at the Reporting Seminar, please visit the following pages on the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) website linked below:


Documents on the Education & Training page include:

  • School and Childcare Manual
  • School/Childcare Building Name Changes
Documents on the Reporting to the Health Department page include:

  • Child Cares and Preschools: Vaccines Required for Childcare and Preschool in Michigan
  • Parents: Vaccines Required for Child Care and Preschool in Michigan
  • Parents: Vaccines Required for School Entry in Michigan
  • Reporting Checklist Flyer
  • Schools: Vaccines Required for School Entry in Michigan
  • Waiver FAQ for Parents
  • Vaccine Terminology

Documents on the School & Childcare Forms page include:

  • Immunization Reporting Form for Students with No FERPA Consent on File (Aggregate Reporting Form)
  • Petition to Modify Data
  • Request to Change School or Childcare Site Administrator in the MCIR
  • School or Childcare New Site Access Application for the MCIR
*Please note that some of these documents may be available on multiple MCIR webpages

Additional Resources:
MDHHS - Bureau of Epidemiology and Population Health
MDHHS - Communicable Disease Information & Resources (includes Managing Communicable Disease in Schools document)
MDHHS - Influenza

CD Reporting Program
You can access the new Communicable Disease Reporting program through here: CD Reporting. The instructions can be found on the same page as the CD Reporting program or you can access them directly through CD Program Instructions.

If you do not have access to the CD Reporting program please email cdreporting@monroemi.org and provide your Full Name, School, email address and an office phone number. Please do NOT share log-in information with others. 

Add Health Dept Programs

Emergency Preparedness
Public Health Preparedness is the capacity of individuals, organizations, and communities to respond to public health emergencies, such as natural disasters, severe weather, bioterrorism, disease outbreaks, mass causalities, and chemical or radiation emergencies. The Monroe County Health Department Emergency Preparedness team focuses on prevention and preparation through education and outreach, surveillance and monitoring, community collaboration, and planning and exercises. 

To learn more, see Emergency Preparedness Information or contact Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Tatyana Ivanova, MD, MPH at 734-240-7874. 

Emergency Preparedness Links:
MCHD Emergency Preparedness Program
MI Volunteer Registry

Health Education and Health Promotion
Monroe County Health Department's Live Well. Be Well. program is led by a health educator and a registered dietitian and offers a variety of health education services to help improve the health of the community, including presentations for schools.  

Please view our 2020-2021 Health Education and Health Promotion slides or our Virtual Health Education Offerings brochure for a list of topics, and contact Jamie Eathorne, MPH, CHES to schedule a school presentation or to learn more.

Hearing and Vision Program 
The Hearing and Vision program provides hearing and vision screenings for preschool and school age children.  All Monroe County School Districts work in partnership with Monroe County Health Department to provide hearing and vision screening throughout a child’s school years. 

For Hearing and Visions school packets for the 2020-2021 year as well as additional information, please visit the MCHD Hearing and Vision page. Please contact Bonnie Dean at 734-240-7856 with any questions.

COVID19 for Schools
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Coronavirus Disease 2019
Operating Schools During COVID-19: CDC's Considerations
Schools and Childcare Programs
Toolkit for K-12 Schools

Michigan Department of Education (MDE)
COVID-19 Education Information and Resources
K-12 Schools COVID Testing

State of Michigan/Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS)
COVID-19 Information and Resources for Athletics
COVID-19 Vaccine Information
K-12 School Reopening Guidance
MI Safe Start
Resources for Childcare Providers

Print Resources
MDHHS COVID-19 Return to School Toolkit (Updated 4/5/2021)
MDHHS School Mitigation Strategies to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 (Published 4/9/21)
MDHHS MI Safer High School End-of-Year Gathering Guidance (Published 4/27/21)
State of Michigan Guidelines for Operating Schools Safely
State of Michigan MI Blueprint for Comprehensive Student Recovery

For additional information, including resources on mental health and talking to youth, please visit our main COVID-19 page:
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