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Human Resources

Human Resources


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General Policies

200 Board Evaluation Procedure for County Administrator/Chief Financial Officer
201 Preparation of Regular Board Meeting Agendas
202 Monroe County Legal Advisor
202 Preparation and Distribution of Agendas for County Boards and Commissions
204 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Procedures & Guidelines
301 Fund Balance Policy GASB 54
302 Approval of Claims Against the County of Monroe
303 Credit Card Policy
303.1 Credit Card Authorization Form
304 Budgeting Procedures
305 Purchasing Policy  
306 Investment Policy  
307 Travel Expense Reimbursement  
307.1 Travel Expense Reimbursement-Retirement System Board of Trustees
308 Contracting for Law Enforcement with Townships, Villages and Cities  
310 Equipment Leasing 
401 Compensation
402 Complaint Procedure 
403 Conflicts of Interest  
404 Dental Care Benefits    
405 Disability Benefits 
406  Drugs, Narcotics, and Alcohol  
407 Employee Assistance Program 
408 Employment Physicals
409 Employment Status 
410 Exit Interview  
411 Health Care Benefits  
412 Hiring
413 Holidays
414 Hours of Work
415 Job Duties/Responsibilities 
416 Leaves of Absence 
417  Equal Employment Opportunity 
418  Personal Appearance 
419  Personnel Records 
420 Enhanced Access to Public Records 
421 Retiree Life Insurance
422 Retirement
423  Separation of Employment 
424 Ant-Harassment and Discrimination
Harassment Complaint Form
425 Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment 
426 Transfers
427 Vacations
428  Violence in the Workplace 
429 Vision Care Benefits  
430   Voluntary Smoking Cessation Incentive Program 
431 Co-Op Employees
432 Accident-Injury Reporting  
433 On the Job Injuries 

Monroe County Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Policy

Monroe County Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan

435 Department Head Performance Evaluations 
436 Employee Safety  
437  Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Act Compliance  
438  Nepotism
439  Electronic Communication   
440 Weapons in the Workplace 
441  Voluntary Employee Fitness Incentive Program-Policy Suspended 
442  Retiree Health Care Plan 

Retiree Health Care Voluntary Waiver of RHC Benefits Form

Retiree Health Care Plan Document

Retiree Health Care Trust Agreement  

Retiree Health Care Trust Resolution

Retiree Health Care Investment Policy

HIPAA Privacy Policies & Procedures

443 Involuntary Full-Time Military Leave 
444 County Employee Identification Badge  
445 Safety Program
446 Employee Service Awards 
447 Educational Reimbursement  
449  Social Security Number Privacy Policy 
450 Processing Employees
451 Volunteer Recruiting, Selection and Retention
452 Paid Sick Leave 
501 County Resolutions, Special Tributes and Certificates
700 Courthouse Security
701 Employee Solicitations
702 County Facilities Closing Due to Inclement Weather and Emergencies
703 County Property
704 General Liability Insurance Benefits
705 Smoke Free Workplace
800 Information Security Policy Statement
801 Acceptable Use
802 System Authentication
803 Media Sanitization and Destruction
804 Minimum Security Standards for Network Devices