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Monroe County Museum Staff

Operations Division
Museum Director: Andrew Clark            andy_clark@monroemi.org                 734.240.7781 
Museum Operations:
Visitor Services: James Ryland
Visitor Services: Emily Phillips

Collections Division
Curator of Collections: Caitlyn Riehle     caitlyn_riehle@monroemi.org              734.240.7794
Exhibits Specialist: Gerald Wykes          gerald_wykes@monroemi.org               734.240.7782 
Curatorial Assistant: Robert Lutey          robert_lutey@monroemi.org                734.240.7793

Programs Division
Curator of Programs: Lynn Reaume       lynn_reaume@monroemi.org             734.240.7784
Programs Specialist: Rachel Reaume    rachel_reaume@monroemi.org          734.240.7785
Presenter: Megan Mullins                       megan_mullins@monroemi.org
Presenter: Lisa Gessner                         lisa_gessner@monroemi.org                734.240.7786

Monroe County Historical Commission

Chairman: Brian Egen, District 6
Vice-Chairman: Jeremy Potter, District 1
Secretary: Thomas Heywood, District 2
Commissioner: L William Conner, District 4
Commissioner: Nicholas Guthrie, District 9
Commissioner: Michael Humphries, District 8
Commissioner: Richard Micka, District 5
Commissioner: Mary Strevel, District 3
Commissioner: Tony Trujillo, District 7
Past President: Hobby Nels
Emeritis: Richard Sieb