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Educational Programs

EYE on EDUCATION at the Monroe County Museum


The Museum is proudly now offering FIELD TRIP FUNDS
(via the "Time Traveller" grant application link) for groups using school or public busing to visit
the museums. Contact Lynn Reaume at 734.240.7784 or lynn_reaume@monroemi.org for questions and your submission.

We are flexible on days and times and offer compliance with Michigan standards and benchmarks, plus fun in learning about our local history.

We have great educational opportunities for your class at
the Monroe County Museum and the Territorial Park on the River Raisin. We cover a variety
of historical topics for student to learn about, including Native American life, the
Victorians, our veterans and military, the early French Canadians and the Fur Trade
- several with hands-on activities - all in line with Michigan Standards & Benchmarks.
Visit one site or all - we adapt our schedule to yours, and give your 
students a positive, interesting experience at a professional museum, and
not far from home! Call today for information, or to schedule a tour or presentation.

Did you know that BOY SCOUTING PROGRAMS are welcome at the Museum: click below for more information.
Please allow 2 weeks prior to the date to schedule your field trip or program.

Scout Opportunities These scouting opportunities have recently been revised, so take a new look!

Historic Marker Trail We have revamped the Historic Marker Trail to earn a Custer statue patch from the museum.

Girl Scout Ideas We also have opportunities for the Girl Scouts at the museum.
Need more ideas? Contact us at the Museum for your field trip or program!

Looking for some inexpensive, local history books? The "Pocket Road Map of Monroe County" (1917) is a republished gazeteer-type booklet by George Lang of Carleton on an array of county people, places and events.
"A Brief History of Monroe" by Karl Zeisler (1969) is a narrative of early Monroe's settlement, history & growth, to the early 1800s by this Monroe Evenings News managing editor.
"The Floral City: A Brief History of the City and County of Monroe, 1830-1930" takes up where Zeisler's booklet leaves off and covers mid-1800s history, people, activities and businesses.
These books/booklets are inexpensive ($3-7) and are available at the museum gift shop book area (quantities are limited- you can inquire of any staffperson.)

Students using items in nature to decorate their clay disks.IMG_1667

Need a scavenger hunt? We can arrange one.IMG_1242


2015 Custer Week student activities at the Museum included a special music program, a visit with 
"The General", and visits to the famous Custer equestrian statue in downtown Monroe.


2015 "Camp Monroe", a Civil War experience:
Offered through a partnership with the Monroe County Library System, participants 
in 4th-6th grade learned about the process of being a soldier during the Civil War. 
The day camp took place at Ellis and at the Navarre-Anderson Trading Post sites. 
Topics covered were recruiting, mustering-in, uniforms, flag bearing, the manual 
of arms, drill and marching. Participants wore a haversack and kepi, and drilled with 
wood weapons. They learned about wig-wag flag communication, pay day, sutlering, 
and much more!


Civil War reenactor & museum staffperson Scott Roy conducted the drill.



Taking the steps to put up an A-frame canvas tent.


FREE! CLASSROOM USE KITS For Educators, Teachers, Club Leaders, History programs, etc. 

Each kit contains a teacher manual for suggested kit use.

  • Primary Elementary Native American
  • Woodland Native American
  • Early French Settlers
  • Fur Trade
  • War of 1812
  • The Toledo War
  • Underground Railroad
  • Civil War Soldier
  • Battle of the Little Big Horn
  • Grandmother’s Trunk
  • Early Kitchen
  • One-Room School
  • Textile & Spinning
  • Monroe Architecture
  • Monroe County Maps

Looking to introduce your students to Native American language? Want to hear how the words sound? We have  "Inaadiziwin"- an Anishinaabe language DVD which teaches basic words and phrases, with pronunciation. The  DVD  focuses on Native American seasonal activities such as fishing, making maple syrup, ricing, deer hunting,   and trapping. The DVD is made and sold through the Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission- a great source for Anishinaabe teaching materials.

Also available for loan (or $25 purchase) is a 90 minute video of "Michigan in the Civil War", which chronicles the state's involvement and activities during the American Civil War- including Monroe county units, local heroes  Norman Hall and George Custer, and more. A very good overall source of information, which includes the Underground Railroad,  Governor Austin Blair, and topics such as Michigan's Native Americans and ethnic groups in state service