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Reports and Publications

Monroe County Voting Precincts and County Commissioner Districts


This is an 18 page book that outlines the Voting Precinct and Commissioner District Boundaries by municipality.  It includes an index of Poll Locations by municipality.  This publication is available for purchase for $25.00 by contacting Jeff Boudrie by email or by phone at 734-240-7375. 

Monroe County Comprehensive Plan

The Monroe County Comprehensive Plan is used as a basis for zoning and other land use related recommendations.

Capital Improvements Program
This document, prepared for the Board of Commissioners, consolidates and summarizes near-term and long-range capital spending needs of County departments, and analyzes the County's financial condition.

Monroe County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy
This study is prepared by staff in conjunction with the Monroe County Economic Development Committee. It helps qualify local communities for EDA grants and loans, and documents the County's economic development opportunities, shortcomings, and efforts.

Summary of New On-Site Construction Activities (Building Activities Report)
This compilation of statistics shows numbers of building permits issued for various categories of new construction for the previous year, and a multi-year history of construction activities for each local municipality, as well as overall Monroe County totals. 

Monroe County Comprehensive Plan (pdf) 

2011 Monroe County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (pdf)

2012 Annual Report Final (pdf)
2012 Monroe County Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (pdf)
Capital Improvements Program (pdf)

2013 Building Activities Report (pdf)

2014 Building Activities Report

2015 Building Activities Report (pdf)

Monroe County Developers Streamlining Guide (updated pdf)
2016 Building Activities Report (pdf)

Monroe County Developers Streamlining Guide - March 2018 (pdf)

Other Available Publications and Resource Materials
Monroe County Recreation and Open Space Plan 2003
The History of Cemeteries and Family Burial Plots in Monroe County, Michigan 1795-2003
Monroe County Solid Waste Management Plan
Monroe County Housing Needs Assessment
Monroe County Economic Profiles
Monroe County Comprehensive Plan - 1985
Draft Monroe County Coastal Zone Management Plan Update - 1993
Monroe County Apartment Study Update 1992
1990 Census Community Profiles for Monroe County
Monroe County Poverty Statistics - 1993
Monroe County Mobile Home Park Study - 1990
Monroe County Economic Profile - 1997
Aerial Photographs of entire County for the following years:
1940*  1964*  1970  1975  1980 
      1985  1990  1995  2000
*Photos for 1940 and 1964 cannot be reproduced
Geo-referenced aerial photos of entire County - 2000
Digital Orthophotos of entire County - 1993
Color Digital Aerial Photos of entire County - 1990
Mapping: Base Maps—Utilities—Coastal Zone—Census Tracts—Contact Local Unit for Zoning—Transportation---Act 204 Land Use Inventory—USGS Mapping—Existing
Land Use—Bike Trails --- Hydrographic Features — Topography—Property
Description—Recreation—Flood Areas-----Soils & Slopes—Private/French
Claims — Natural Features—Agriculture----Wetlands Inventory—County
Land Use Plan—Sewer/Water—MIRIS Land Use Update