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Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs

Benefits Through County

What to bring to apply for benefits
Please bring the following documents and items when applying for Veterans Trust benefits:

DD-214 [Military Discharge]
Valid Michigan ID w/ picture
Verification of Income and Expenses
Utility Shut-off Notices
Foreclosure Notice
Eviction Notice [Need Court-Ordered Judgement]
Tax Notice of property being taken for delinquent tax

Widows must also provide:
Marriage Certificate
Certified Death Certificate


  • County Burial Allowance
  1. Monroe County Veteran Affairs Department provides assistance with funeral expenses.  Those veterans and spouses with assets less than $40,000 excluding the family residence, are eligible. 
  2. The veteran must have received an Honorable Discharge from  the United States Armed Forces, with at least 90 days of recognized war time service.  Spouses of veterans are not eligible for government marker.
  3. The county of Monroe will provide up to $300.00 toward burial benefits and $35.00 toward the cost of installing a Government Marker.
  4. The Following documentation is required at time of application:
  5. Military Discharge [DD-214]
  6. Certified Death Certificate
  7. Itemized Funeral Bill
  8. Complete Information Regarding Assets


  • Soldier's Relief Programs
    What to bring to apply for burial benefits:
    Please bring the following documents and items when applying for Soldiers and Sailors Relief benefits:
    DD-214 [Military Discharge]
    Certified Death Certificate



  • Marker foundation Partial Reimbursement


  • Military Discharge Recording


  • Certified Copies of Military Discharges


  • Veterans' Records Notarization


  • Staff Assistance in filing all Veteran Claims