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Links to County Boards and Commissions

Links to County Boards and Commissions

Community Corrections

Monroe County Community Corrections Advisory Board 
125 E. Second St. 
Monroe, MI 48161
(734) 240-7110 or (734) 240-7115 

The purpose of Monroe County Community Corrections is to provide community based sanctions and alternatives aimed at reducing prison overcrowding, recidivism and improving jail utilization. Public Act 511 (PA 511) provides funds for community and jail based programs.  These programs provide a wide range of sanctions and services.  Our target population(s) are non-violent, high-risk needs felons and misdemeanor offenders.  The screening process for program referrals consists of a  criminal history check, a medical and substance abuse history check, their current jail status, prior education and recent employment history.

Please select from that date below the information that you would like to view.  Please note that the minutes listed in the current agenda are from the previous meeting and have not been approved by the board until a motion is filed at the current meeting and the board approves them. 

 FY 2021
 Meeting Date 

Meeting Type 
10/20/2020 Regular Meeting
02/16/2021 Regular Meeting Cancelled
04/20/2021 Regular Meeting
08/24/2021 Regular Meeting

 FY 2020
 Meeting Date 

Meeting Type 
11/05/2019 Regular Meeting
02/18/2020 Regular Meeting
04/28/2020 Cancelled
08/25/2020 Regular Meeting

FY 2019
Meeting Date  Meeting Type 
11/20/2018 Regular Meeting
01/15/2019 Regular Meeting (Cancelled)
03/26/2019 Regular Meeting 
04/30/2019 Regular Meeting
08/27/2019 Regular Meeting


FY 2018
Meeting Date  Meeting Type 
11/14/2017 Cancelled
01/16/2018 Regular Meeting
04/24/2018 Regular Meeting
08/28/2018 Postponed
09/18/2018 Regular Meeting

FY 2017
Meeting Date  Meeting Type 
08/29/2017 Regular Meeting
04/25/2017 Regular Meeting
02/21/2017 Regular Meeting
01/17/2017 Postponed
11/15/2016 Regular Meeting


FY 2016 
Meeting Date  Meeting Type 
09/20/2016 Regular Meeting
01/19/2016 Regular Meeting
10/20/2015 Regular Meeting