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Links to County Boards and Commissions

Links to County Boards and Commissions

County Boards and Commissions

9-1-1 District Board
Chief Charles F. McCormick, IV, Chairman

Building Authority
Nancy Colpaert, Chairperson

Commission on Aging
Martin Kaufman, Chairman

Community Corrections
Judge William Paul Nichols, Chairman

Economic Development Corporation
Tracy Oberleiter, Chairman

Emergency Medical Authority
William Urbanski, Chairman

Finance Committee
As of February 7, 2017 this Committee has been eliminated and 
this Committee's business is now part of the Board of Commissioners agenda.

Historical Commission
Brian Egen, Chairman

Judiciary, Law Enforcement & Public Safety
Please see Operations Committee

Land Bank Authority
Kay Sisung, Chairperson

Operations Committee
Greg Moore, Jr., Chairman

Parks & Recreation Commission
Brian Hoppert, Chairman

Personnel Services/Human Resources Committee
See Operations Committee for 2017 and beyond

Physical Resources Committee
Mark Brant, Chairman

Planning Commission
Dan Brooks, Chairperson

Retiree Health Care Board
Bob Neely, Chairman

Retirement Board
Michael Grodi, Chairman

Social Services Board
Joshua Diulio, Chairman

Veterans Affairs
Edward R Straub Jr, Chairman