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Links to County Boards and Commissions

Links to County Boards and Commissions

Veterans Affairs

Monroe County Veterans Bureau
965 S. Raisinville Rd.
Monroe, MI 48161
(734) 240-3287

The mission of the Monroe County Department of Veterans Affairs is to assist veterans and their families in obtaining any and all county, state, and federal benefits to which they are entitled. Benefits include, Initiate, develop and advocate claims for federal, state and local veterans benefits, assist veterans to enroll in the VA Health Care System, administer the county veterans burial allowance program and assist with other death benefits for veterans survivors, utilize and coordinate emergency assistance from the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund and County Veterans Relief Fund, and refer veterans and their families to other appropriate programs. As part of the outreach program, staff attends various community meetings to inform the public of benefits available. Staff also attend ongoing training sessions that are offered by various service organizations, as well as state and national service officer organizations.

Please select from the date below the information that you would like to view. Please note that the minutes included in each agenda packet are form the previous meeting.

2018 Meeting Information
Meeting Date Meeting Type 
05-14-2019 Regular
04-09-2019 Regular
03-12-2019 Regular
02-19-2019 Regular
01-08-2019 Regular
12-11-2018 Regular
11-13-2018 Regular
10-09-2018 Regular
09-11-2018 Regular
08-14-2018 Regular
07-10-2018 Regular
06-19-2018 Regular
05-08-2018 Regular
04-10-2018 Regular
03-13-2018 Regular
02-13-2018 Regular
01-09-2018 Regular
02-12-2017 Regular
11-14-2017 Regular
10-10-2017 Regular
09-12-2017 Regular
08-01-2017 Regular
07-11-2017 Regular
06-06-2017 Regular
05-09-2017 Regular
04-11-2017 Cancelled
03-04-2017 Regular
02-14-2017 Regular
01-10-2017 Regular
12-13-2016 Regular
11-15-2016 Regular
10-11-2016 Regular
09-13-2016 Regular
 08-09-2016  Regular
 07-12-2016  Regular
03-08-2016 Regular
02-09-2016 Regular
01-12-2016 Regular

2015 Meeting Information
Meeting Date Meeting Type
12-08-2015 Regular
11-10-2015 Regular
10-06-2015 Regular
09-08-2015 Regular
08-11-2015 Regular
07-14-2015 Regular
06-16-2015 Regular
05-12-2015 Regular
04-14-2015   Regular
03-10-2015 Regular
02-10-2015 Regular
01-13-2015 Regular

2014 Meeting Information
Meeting Date Meeting Type
11-18-2014 Regular
10-14-2014 Regular