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STEP ONE: Make personal contact with the check writer; if you are unsuccessful, send a statutory certified notice. The check writer has 5 days to respond and remit payment. See the sample Statutory Certified Notice below.

STEP TWO: If you do not hear from the check writer or receive payment, simply contact the Bad Check Restitution Program at 866-444-7748 to request a bad check crime report form. In the alternative, you can complete an on-line form. Simplydownload the crime report, print out a blank form and fill in by hand, then mail with all original documents to address below. (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and print the form. If you don't already have this software, feel free to click on the link below to get your free copy now.)

STEP THREE:Fill out the crime report form, attach originals (you retain photocopies) of all checks and notification documents, such as return receipts and bank notices and mail to:Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney Bad Check Restitution Program, P.O. Box 2379, Monroe, Michigan 48161-7379.

STEP FOUR: If you do not receive restitution within 60 days, contact the Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney Bad Check Restitution Program.

Sample Statutory Certified Notice

Dear Check Writer:

You are hereby notified that a check numbered _____ in the face amount of $______, issued by you on ______ drawn upon _______ bank, and payable to _________, has been dishonored. Pursuant to Michigan law you have 5 days from receipt of this notice to tender payment of the full amount of such check plus a service charge of $25, the total amount due being $____, to the address listed below.

Unless this amount is paid in full within 5 days, the holder of such check may turn over the dishonored check and all other available information relating to this incident to the Prosecuting Attorney for criminal prosecution.


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